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FREE GIFT + FREE SHIPPING on USA / Canada orders over $79

What Parents Have to Say

"A New Alphabet for Humanity has the power to change the world and how we educate our children. It's what every parent and teacher needs right now."

Meg Heppner

"This beautiful book should be in every library and classroom. The illustrations are cute and the messages are so powerful for children to hear over and over. This book makes a great gift for family, friends and teachers."

Aimee Kondrat

"This book is incredible! I'm so grateful you had the foresight to create such a gift for our children and future kids! Plus, it reminds adults the basic qualities we should strive for each day - Genius idea!"

Tanya Wilson

"I truly believe creating change starts at home and within ourselves. This book is a simple, yet brilliant concept to teach even the youngest of children to love themselves, the earth and each other. What a gift!

Natalie Trinh

"This is an idea that will quantum leap humanity toward global systemic change in ways we couldn't have imagined. Children's book? This is for everyone!"

Nicola Grace