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A New Alphabet for Humanity

I purchased this book as a Christmas present for my first grandchild but loved it so much that I also purchased one for myself and my youngest (adult) daughter. Will be returning soon to purchase one for a friend’s two year old daughter. I love it’s message!

Amazing book, every child needs it!

We love the Alphabet for Humanity created by Leesa!

It teaches children the values of Compassion, Empathy, Abundance, Gratitude, Love, Diversity... by providing examples and illustrations.

We would definitely recommend it to all parents who want to teach their kids important values in life in an easy and fun way.

It also makes a wonderful gift :)

Thank you Leesa for doing a wonderful job and creating the New Alphabet.

It will help raise conscious kids and make our planet a more positive and abundant place!

Nik & Aika

A #1 best selling book for raising kind, confident and caring kids.

Wonderful book for all ages!

This book is wonderful! It describes the words clearly and in ways my granddaughter can understand them, and it’s content is so important! What an awesome book!


The message is beautiful for little one as well as adult one.
We need to be in touch with what does it mean to be ‘you-man/woman’ to bring peace in the world as well as within. Much Gratitude!

Awesome gift

The best gift I have given. I gave it my niece and she was excited to read it herself while she is on baby watch. I am buying a few more as my go to to gift to all future mama’s.

Beautiful book for all ages

My daughter and I love to read this beautiful book together.
Stimulates lots of great conversation and a lovely message.
Will be buying more as gifts

Alphabet for Humanity

My grandchildren are going to love this book. They all have a servants heart. This will help instill those character building traits even more!

This is my nans Xmas pressie for me and bro.
Nan luvs 😊

A New Alphabet For Humanity

A most beautiful and meaningful book and cards. Love them.

Alphabet for Humanity

We purchased this for our grandchildren.Delighted with this beautifully illustrated book and the values it teaches.If only all could practice such values in day to day life.thankyou.


This is the third time I’ve gifted this amazing book, this time to a teacher who was thrilled! A new alphabet for humanity is such an inspiring and empowering book. Thank you for this amazing product!

A new alphabet book for humanity

Excellent concept for learning

Wonderful Joyous Reading

This book is simple yet clear with each letter representing a word we all
need to focus on more. Children and adults alike can learn the alphabet of humanity and the discussions around these pages will go on forever. A bounty of goodness here with beautiful illustrations.

A #1 best selling book for raising kind, confident and caring kids.

Lived the book! However was never able to access the free downloads.

A New Alphabet for humanity

Have now received this (magically an hour after I said I had not!). Lovely. book, illustrations and thoughts here. Will enjoy using it and recommending it to parents and counsellors working with children


Love the wording in these books. Always complimentary and mindful words that are what I want my neice and great granddaughter to use.

The title reminds me immediately of "Cards Against Humanity ".

I like the concept and starting conversations with kids about caring for one another. I personally would begin with a traditional alphabet book, and segue to the 'Humanity' version when the child is just a bit older. That being said, I think reading of any kind is good for young ears.

Absolutely lovely

I do love all of the quotes that are present on the empowerment kit. I’ve printed some of them and decorated my son’s room feeling great to read them every time.

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A New Alphabet for Humanity Coloring Book



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