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Wonderful book!

Absolutely love this book!!! It’s perfect to help grow vocabulary and learn great life skills and values!!! Will purchase again, great baby shower gift that will grow with the child!

The book is absolutely stunning

The book is absolutely stunning, has beautiful illustrations and has incredibly positive themes surrounding….

✨ Gratitude

✨ Abundance

✨ Kindness

✨ Compassion

✨ Empathy and

✨ Connection

This book makes it easy to learn

I love teaching my students about how to be good little humans. This book makes it easy to learn and remember with every letter of the alphabet being tied to words/kid-friendly definitions that represent kindness. ❤️

This is a book we’ll read every week in our class!

thank you so much for sending this book to The Buggy Bunch! This is a book we’ll read every week in our class! 📖🐞❤️

This is a book I will cherish in my library

This is a book I will cherish in my library and read year after year, “A New Alphabet for Humanity” is a delightful and insightful book that introduces children to meaningful values through each letter of the alphabet. With thoughtful definitions like “M for mindful” and “E for empathy,” it encourages compassion, kindness, and love. The book beautifully articulates essential qualities that resonate not only with young minds but also leave a lasting impact on readers of all ages. As an educator, I believe this timeless gem is a must-have in classrooms, offering a profound exploration of virtues that transcend generations. It serves as a constant reminder of the attributes that unite humanity and foster a positive and understanding world.

Perfect gift

Bought 6 because the value is above & beyond the price. I love reading this to my daughter and have gifted 5 to family & friends. Books are always a beautiful gift but this one holds genuine & significant lessons, & reminders for those who forget, for everyone x

It’s a gift for my grandson. I am a retired preschool teacher/director and I love this book. Can’t wait to read it to my grandson.

Very cute book. My 6 year old is learning to read and about her world. I love the take this book has on the alphabet.

Loved it all around!

Lovely poster and well packaged

We love this book

We've had this book for a couple of years now, and continue to go back to it time and time again. We got it before our daughter could read, and the discussion questions initiated some of the most in-depth conversations I had ever had with her up to that point. She's now at the point where she can read it herself and it's great that she's able to absorb and reflect on the virtues she learns from reading it.

I ordered 1 for my granddaughter & absolutely loved it that I bought 2 more for gifts and they loved them.

The boom was the perfect gift for my grandson

Great book good quality

Content very rich! This lovely book makes it easy to explain important concepts in life, and raise a marvelous smart human being at an early stage. While reading some concept by myself I was amazed how clearly and simply it was explained 😍🤩
I can’t wait to read it to my grand daughters.
Thank you so much for creating it 🙏🏽

Love love love !!

Did not receive


I am a kindergarten teacher and I ordered this book to share with my class. First, I have to thank the customer service department for their amazing service. When I did not receive my order they promptly looked into it, and even though tracking said it had been delivered, I had not received it. Within 2 days of my contact I had a new order in my hands! Thank you so much!
My students love it! One of my kiddos was so excited that he sat next to me as I read it, and took over reading the book!! He looked up at me and said "This book is excellent!" He even read the back cover to the class about the recycled paper and non toxic ink! Then said "it helps the earth." I should mention we are currently learning about the world around us, and taking care of the planet has been a big topic of discussion in our classroom.
Every classroom, every home library should have a copy of this book 💕