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Great addition to my grandson’s library!

Love this bundle - my grandson loves the book . He is only 3 so we will wait to incorporate the other items!

My new favorite alphabet book

This book is perfect for my kindergarten class. I love that each letter has a positive message to encourage students to make positive choices!


Absolutely love the materials! Nice design

Best Book Ever!

If you want to read something to your children that has true meanings of the letters of the alphabet then this is your book! So heartwarming and wonderful to read. I read it to my grandson while he's playing and before he naps.

Best Gift Ever!!!

I was scrolling thru FB when I came across this company. I ordered the first book and gave it to a gf who had a baby 5 months ago. On the way to meet her, I read a few pages to my husband and he wanted me to finish reading the book to him! It is very sweet, simple and straight-forward. I then bought one for our other friends who have a 1 year old and another for the neighbors who are due in July 2022. My husband thinks the book should say "for ages 0-105". :) Excellent job! We love this book and will buy more as more friends and families have kids.


This book is a perfect tool for raising kind, insightful, empathetic kids. Great for adults too! My baby is only 3 months but I can see us using it for years to come

Love the book!

I love the alphabet for humanity book! It ticks all the boxes: colourful, educational, fun! I strongly recommend it. It is a must for any library. Thank you!


I love this book. My kids are learning so much from it

Great way to learn abc with love and kindness

New Alphabet for humanity

I love this book and everyone I show this to wants to order it for there children or grandchildren. We need to help these children with everything we can. Adults need to read it too. My older grand kids can read it to the new ones. Love Love Love it. Thank you.

Best book

I bought this book for my upcoming first grandchild and I just love it, these are exactly the things we need to be teaching our children from the get go ❤️I will be ordering another one for my childcare.

Bought as gifts

I love the idea of children learning more than 'A is for Apple'! I bought 3 of these books for gifts - for my granddaughter, a great niece and a great nephew for their 2nd birthdays. I was a bit disappointed that the coloring book I bought is a download and not an actual coloring book, and I have not even opened that yet to check it out, but the upside is I can use it for ALL of my grandkids as well as nieces and nephews. Wonderful concept to teach empathy and respect! I know many adults who could use these lessons!

Best ABCs

Teaching our children young these beautiful words, affirmations, beliefs are amazing. I used to teach, but being a parent & reading this with my son is truly special. Thanks for creating this!

A new way to see the alphabet

I saw this and immediately had to get it for my best friends little girl. Mom reads to her every night and she tells me it's her favorite book

I love this book 📚!

It's full of positive and encouraging energy not only for children but also for adults. So refreshing for the soul 😊🙏🤩

Loved it!!!

We love this book. It's such a positive and important book for any child to have.

Words we all need

I really love the words chosen for this book - brave, exhale, sincere, and the 2 line sentences below that expand - to invite children and adults to pause on the subject, almost like a little meditation. While many of the concepts are quite abstract I feel that the opening to conversations with young children could be really surprising.

A new alphabet for humanity

Love this book. Is there more than one book?

Excellent content

I was always looking to buy these cards for my son, but liked them soo much that I gifted them to my Niece & Nephew. Seemed very useful. Book & cards were wonderful Christmas gift/birthday for children.

They are my new gifts to all kids birthday parties

I truly love these books and so do all who have received them from me!

Wonderful Book

This book is just so good for teaching children. I gave two of these as gifts for Christmas and the parents were very impressed with it. I am so happy with my choice.

Beautiful Book

Everything about this book made my heart smile. The social and emotional learning words, the vibrant art, and the earth friendly materials with which it was made. Every child needs this in their life. Awareness is a great start for some critical teachable moments.

A New Alphabet for Humanity Coloring Book

The content of the coloring book was wonderful, however, it arrived dog-eared and slightly damaged due to the mailer it was sent in.

This is genius

Great way to teach kids about their humanity.



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