For your child or children to participate in our contest, please follow these simple steps:


Send us a CREATIVE photo (or video) of your child or children with A New Alphabet for Humanity book. You can even share a picture of you and your child holding the book together.  


Tell us your child's FAVORITE Alphabet for Humanity LETTER and why.


There are 3 ways to enter:


1) Send us your photo or video by emailing us at 


2) Tag us on Facebook

-One Facebook feed post = 2 entries




3) Tag us on Instagram

Simply tag @alphabetforhumanity and hash tag #alphabetforhumanity.


For Instagram: 

-One story post = 1 entry

-One Instagram feed post = 2 entries


VIDEO ENTRIES: To send a video by email you can upload a private link to You Tube (or Google Drive) and send us the link, or send the video via to


Contest Rules 

Contest participation is open to individual or groups of children, ages 5yrs — 12yrs, from all countries, as long as they are using A New Alphabet for Humanity children's book. 

Deadline to submit photos and videos for participation is 11.59pm, Pacific Time, October 30th.


Terms of Use: By submitting a photo or video to participate in our Book Ambassador Contest you agree to our use of all images and likenesses in multimedia and promotional materials across digital and print media; and confirm your authority to authorize such releases. 




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