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The B.C.

This book is so cute I’m obsessed! It teaches big concepts to our littles that are great life lessons that may not be brought up otherwise ❤️🥰 This book was so tastefully made!!!


The most precious alphabet book around!🥰

I just LOVE this book A New Alphabet for Humanity by Leesa McGregor and illustrated by Daniela Sosa. It shares an alphabet of positive and encouraging words in such a simple way so that even our youngest students can understand. The world needs more books like this one!!❤️📚


I'm always on the lookout for new books that will build important vocabulary with my students. It can also be hard to think of kid-friendly language to define words while you're reading.

Luckily, A New Alphabet for Humanity does both! It has great vocabulary words for each letter in the alphabet, and provides a kid-friendly definition.


I absolutely love this new alphabet book @alphabetforhumanity - filled with positive messages from A to Z! The rich vocabulary introduced is easily tailored to young children and the illustrations are beautiful! It’s a perfect book to read this week as we end our year together.


I love that it is written to highlight the positive and impactful language that matches what we try to instil and inspire in children, and explains and illustrates it in a way that is easy for children to understand.

In my experience, children really respond to picture story books in a way that almost gives those words more authority than when adults talk about it to them. It’s like a trusted source that’s confirming what they’ve heard.

We talk about so many of these values and use so many of these words in school and at home to help children’s social and emotional development, (and to match the personal and social capabilities in the curriculum) and this book would make a great talking point, a way to reiterate messages being taught, or as a discussion/lesson starter with children. Why is this important? How does it make you feel? What other important words start with this letter? Etc.


A New Alphabet for Humanity is adorable and so sweet!

Leesa McGregor did a wonderful job picking words to fit each letter of the alphabet to teach our students how to be kind and caring! I plan to read each page as I introduce the letter this fall!

Make sure to check this book out if you haven’t yet!


Both my children are in a sensitive period for language. My youngest has been increasingly interested in learning new words and flipping through books! My eldest has been obsessed with the alphabet, practicing her phonics, and writing letters!

A New Alphabet For Humanity has definitely been a top pick in our home!


This book is a must have this school year! 💕


Alphabet for A New Humanity is one of the best children’s books that we have ever seen!

Katie F.
My new favorite alphabet book

This book is perfect for my kindergarten class. I love that each letter has a positive message to encourage students to make positive choices!



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